Mandy's Story

At Viva La PD, we've been campaigning from day one for the #forgottenfreelancers who have been #excluded from the government's Coronavirus support schemes. One of our members, Mandy is a single mum and made a personal video about her situation. We're encouraging all our members to send it to their MPs to raise awareness of those who are in desperate need of help, but are getting nothing. You can watch the video below...


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#CallYourMP Campaign

INDEX 1. VIVA LA PD CALL TO ACTION – what are we hoping to do? 2. OUTLINE – why are we doing it this way? 3. WHAT TO DO – step-by-step guide for calling and writing to your MP 4. LETTER TEMPLATES

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Viva La PD is a community of freelance Television Producer/Directors in the UK

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