EMBARGOED UNTIL 1400 15/4/2020

The report is published by Viva La PD, an independent community group for Producer / Directors in Television with over 1200 members. Its purpose is to identify the reasons why so many professionals from the TV industry are struggling to survive financially in the current climate.

  • The findings in the report are based on a survey of nearly 1000 freelance professionals working in the television industry who have been affected by the Covid-19 lockdown and are falling through the gaps of the Chancellor’s income protection schemes.

  • Only 17% of TV freelancers are currently working. The vast majority find themselves without work, with no income, and no support from the Government.

  • Just 20% of television freelancers say they are eligible for either of the Government’s Coronavirus support schemes, the report identifies why so many are currently entitled to nothing.

  • The report recommends parity between the Self-Employed Income Support Scheme and the Coronavirus Jobs Retention Scheme, and suggests ways to ensure as many as possible are captured by allowing a mix of income sources to be recognised.

  • It also suggests extending the Furlough scheme to help those who just fall-short of eligibility.


James Taylor, report author, is available for contact and interview.


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