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Viva La PD Partners with Bectu and Bournemouth University for Latest Survey

Viva La PD has teamed up with Bectu and Bournemouth University's Faculty of Media & Communication to launch an important survey for freelancers and staff working in the unscripted TV genres.

It is an important opportunity for people to have their voices heard, and the survey takes a parcicular look at Management and Recruitment Practices as these are often areas identified as needing improvement by the workforce. There is currently little or no data on the impact on freelancers and staff as a result of poor practice, so this survey is a good opportunity to find out the current state of play.

The survey can be accessed here:

We are asking everyone to share it on their social networks to ensure it reaches as many people as possible. It will be open for a limited time, and once restults are in and analysed, they will be presented to industry stakeholders at the earliest opportunity.

The collaberation came about via Bectu's new Unscripted TV: Development, Editorial and Production Branch, which is Chaired by Viva La PD co-administrator James Taylor. James had been contacted by Bournemouth University to discuss the impact the Covid-19 pandemic was having on the industry's workforce after seeing the work Viva La PD had done earlier in the year on those excluded from government help.

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